Sour Patch

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Heads 141g, Red, White And Blue 862g, Strawberry 263g, Sour Extreme 141g, Crush 185g, Cereal, Watermelon 141g, Origina 141g, Sour Extreme 99g, Tropical Punch 226g, Heads 226g, Tropical Punch 55g, Tropical Punch 141g, Original Loose, Original 99g, Watermelon 55g, Original 55g, Original 100g, Watermelon 99g, Watermelon 172g, Freeze 141g, Original 862g, Watermelon 100g, Original 99g Box, Tropical 99g Box, Extreme 204g, Watermelon 226g Peg Bag, Blue Raspberry, Cola 160g, Watermelon 99g, Tropical 141g, Sour Extreme 113g, Sour Patch Kids 1lb, Sour Patch Watermelon 1lb, Strawberry 141g, Crush 141g, Peach 228g, Grape 143g, Individually Wrapped, Big Kids 771g, Jelly- Blue Raspberry, Jelly Redberry, Strawberry 340g, Sour Cherry Blasters 355g, Red & White 355g, Sour Cherry Blasters 64g


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